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Licensing Process for Fire Alarm Specialty Technician

Tips to Zero False Alarms

The Burglar and Fire Alarm Association of Michigan, in conjunction with the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police, are dedicated to the goal of zero tolerance for false alarms of security systems. Both organizations are working together diligently throughout the state of Michigan to prevent false alarms of security systems caused by users and equipment.

1. At Home

Avoid objects that trigger your alarm:

  • Unlocked doors or windows
  • Unsupervised pets
  • Loose fitting doors
  • Open windows
  • Mylar balloons
  • Drafts that move plants and curtains
2. With People

Enhance your alarm system’s potential

Train alarm users on complete system operation. Most alarm activations are caused by the user of the system. Keep the phone number of your alarm company handy so you can call them if the alarm is activated in error. This will save you money as most municipalities charge for dispatching to a false alarm.

Instruct domestic or repair persons on how to fully operate your system.

Expand your protection with an alert and concerned neighborhood watch.

3. With Your System

Make sure to do periodic checks of your system:

  • Replace main battery every three to five years.
  • Test your alarm system monthly.
  • Call your alarm company to do a systems check out once per year.
  • Routine maintenance checks by the alarm company.
  • Before household changes (remodeling, pets, etc.) contact alarm company.

Questions??? Contact your alarm company or refer to your owner's manual.