BFAAM Assists Legislature with changes to the Security Alarm Act

The Burglar and Fire Alarm Association of Michigan (BFAAM) participated in work groups this fall to assist in changes to the “Private Security Business and Security Alarm Act.”

Sen. Darwin Booher (R-Evart) has sponsored Senate Bill 984 that would amend the act to remove the regulation of private security agencies and security guards from the law. Sen. Booher introduced this legislation as a way to “clean-up” the act and

The bill also would do the following:

-- Require a licensee or applicant that was not an individual to designate an individual as the licensee's principal license holder.

-- Revise requirements that a licensee conduct a criminal background check on an applicant for employment.

-- Revise certain fees for issuance and renewal of a license under the Act.

-- Require the waiver of an initial license and application processing fee for an honorably discharged veteran.

-- Repeal Section 19 of the Act, which establishes uniform and insignia requirements for a licensee and a licensee's employees.